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Gokurakugai Wiki is a comprehensive platform dedicated to Yuto Sano's serialized oneshot, Gokurakugai Sanbandori No Ken, which was later adapted into the manga series titled Gokurakugai and featured in JUMP SQ. As of June 6, 2022, the wiki hosts a collection of 82 articles and 521 files, providing in-depth information about the series.

Please note that viewer discretion is advised when navigating this wiki, as it may contain unmarked spoilers that could reveal crucial plot details.


Gokurakugai, a bright and bustling working class district with a hidden dark side. In this area without order, Tao and Alma work as troubleshooters for hire. Their missions involve helping a young boy find his lost friend, a person who dissapears without a trace, and disfigured animal corpses. All the while, the evil spirits who live in the shadows bring out a different side to these troubleshooters!

Upcoming Releases

Volume 3 — English Release
The Volume 3 — English Release of the Gokurakugai manga series is now officially released!
Jump SQ July 2024 Issue
The Chapter 20 of the Gokurakugai manga series is now officially released!

The Series

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Gokurakugai (Japanese: 極楽街 Hepburn: Gokurakugai, lit. "Paradise Street") is a manga written and illustrated by Yuto Sano and is published in JUMP SQ.



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